Sourdough…a great movie trapped in the tape

Back when I used to spend time picking up video box after video box, trying to decide on a movie that the whole family could watch…I discovered “Sourdough”.  I love this movie.  My family groans…sure that I couldn’t possibly be serious…but I am serious and I do have a lot of affection for this film.

This movie is the story of an older “mountain man” who’s spent the bulk of his life living way out in the Alaskan wilderness….and the eventual disillusionment he feels when “far out” isn’t far enough anymore.

It’s kind of a strange movie in some ways….kind of feels like a documentary with a plot…and I’m pretty sure that it’s out of print…just another one of those movies that you might find at the Salvation Army buried in a bin with about a couple of thousand other VHS orphans. It’s a  beautiful, slow paced, scenery rich film that “out realities” any of the rose throwing bimbo fests currently wasting our time.

Gil Perry was the star of the film…another mystery…I googled him to see what I could find and apparently there isn’t a lot out there. The movie was made back in the day when if you told someone that you’d googled them they probably would have punched you out…not understanding that it wasn’t anything with a deviant twist to it.  In the end… I couldn’t find out anything about Gil.  It was easier to disappear when it wasn’t so easy to find you.

This is one of the great “lost ones”…not like the Holy Grail or anything…but worth seeking out.  And if you can find a copy and watch it, maybe I can add you to the list of folks who groan when I say, “Awwwww…I Love that Sourdough movie…you ever see it? You want to watch it again?!!!

PS    Just discovered the above link….the movie’s writer/cinematographer’s  site that explains  his background and mentions the movie. He’s written two books about the history of the Iditarod…check it out.