curiosity (satisfaction)²

Hah! Meditating with giant piles of books on the floor behind you….cool.

Maybe curiosity is the key….?

Maybe trying to figure things out is what drives a person….maybe it’s not only arriving at the best conclusion….maybe it’s trying to figure things out that’s important.

And….maybe having the ability to satisfy your curiosity is important, too.

Maybe it’s something that builds on itself….some success finding an answer….breeds more curiosity….maybe some more success….and so on.

This guy, Tim Ferriss, is curious about everything.

He’s the author of The 4-Hour Workweek…..The 4-Hour Body….The 4-Hour Chef.

He’s an interesting character….one of the big names in the “lifestyle design” crowd.

And….he is living to satisfy his curiosity.

And….he’s trying to figure out how to do it all as efficiently as possible.

If you can figure out the efficiency part, you’ll have more time to satisfy all the other areas that you want to work on.

Stay curious.

Maybe that’s the key?

Enthusiasm… curiosity….plus the right focus….should make for an interesting life.




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