Chris Rosser lives in Asheville

chris rosser

Chris Rosser lives in Asheville.  I suppose that makes him a local artist….one of the many talented musicians that live in our area.  But there’s more to Chris Rosser than just being a local musician…he’s a world-class talent with strong interest in a lot of different styles of music…music from all over the globe.

We’ve had the good fortune to hear him on a couple of occasions out at the Flat Rock Bakery.  Excellent performer and a really intelligent writer…good sense of humor and tons of insight.  It is such a pleasure to get a chance to listen to musicians of his calibre in a really laid back setting like the bakery.

This is a “multi-cultural” Christmas song from his album “The Holy Fool” that came out in 2000.  He’s a follower of the Bahai faith so he might approach the season from a different angle than most of the Baptists around here…but it’s an interesting song and one of the few “holiday” songs on his albums…so I thought I’d put it up.

Check him out if you get a chance…he’s an artist worth seeking out.

10 Christmas in the Ashram




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