we are our own circus

circus_ringmaster“Ladies and Gentlemen!!….Boys and Girls!!…may I direct your attention to the center ring?!! Now appearing….MEEEEEEEEEEE!!”

Our three year old is some kind of weird profundity savant.

Where does a comment like that come from at 10:30 at night?  “Now appearing….MEEEEEE!!”

He must have seen it on some cartoon…the entire part leading up to the self promotion sounds completely plausible.  He’s like some kind of super sponge…soaking it all up, churning it like a “developing brain blender” to come up with statements like that.  I better be careful what I say next time I bump my head hard.

“Now appearing….MEEEE!!”

We really are our own circus.  We usually are a little more coy about the self promotion than being our own ringmaster…usually it’s “oh…this old thing?” or “I do the best I can…but thankyou!”.  It’s a rare thing to stand center ring and belt out , “CHECK ME OUT!!!“…that’s bad form and not really accepted by society. But what do we have other than the rings we set up…set up either to dance through or watch from the sidelines while someone else dances in them?

Unless you believe in reincarnation, this life is a one go round proposition.  One shot…one chance…one life to live because while there probably will be a tomorrow for most of us….there is always a possibility that there may not be.

Why not live it wearing the ringmaster’s hat…”Ladies and Gentlemen…may I draw your attention to the center ring?!!!  Now appearing….MEEEEE!!!”

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