I can’t get karma to work


I had a post I was working on called “karma”.  It made me feel good to gently spit out my bile (gently spit….that’d be like drool, I imagine?)….but every time I tried to post or preview, the format was completely messed up.

Karmic justice in action.

I just could not make it work.  I couldn’t get my karma to load right.

The Bible doesn’t talk about karma.  It’s not a concept that gets mentioned much in the Old or New Testament…it’s from “very far away…in a foreign land” to quote Randy Newman.  But I guess that if you think about it, the Bible is from very far away in a foreign land,too.  I don’t think it’s what Congress was working on in that extra long session they had a while back…even if the Republicans would have us believe that they wrote the Book.

The Bible talks about “motes in our eye”…”storing up our treasures in heaven”…a lot of things that are compatible with the idea of karma…but never mentions karma by name.

I love it when wrong intentions don’t come together.  I think it’s proof of God in action…if I can’t slow myself down when I’m steered wrong, He puts a stumbling block in my path to turn me just a little.

It’s good when posts don’t work if they’re “wrong-headed”.

Here’s some of the lyrics from Todd Rundgren’s “The Wheel”

Some people say life’s like a merry-go-round
I think it’s more like a ferris wheel
‘Cause sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down
Sometimes you just don’t know what to feel

And just when you think you’ve got the game figured out
And you say you’ve had enough
The mysterious mad man with his hand on the lever
Don’t seem to never ever want to let you off

You can’t get off this wheel of karma
You can’t stop the hands of time

Now I have a friend, I might have a few
Sometimes I think they just don’t care
But I think sometimes they think the same thing of me, yeah
You might say we’ve got a problem there

You know we all got this habit
We like to talk too much
And that always tends to slow you down
But we never change direction
We just keep going round and round and round and round

And let me off this wheel of karma
Let me stop the hands of time

Seems like I’ve been around so many places
And I must have learned a lot of things
And although I ain’t yet come up with a so-called answer
At least I think I finally learned how to sing

And there’s just a few things I ain’t got sorted out
Sometimes they make my brain get sore
Like if kids were left to their own devices
Would they ever come up with a thing like war

Let us off this wheel of karma
Let us stop the hands of time


So… as for me and my house….there is no “I” in reciprocity.

It is pouring outside.  There’s going to be some damp mail in Frogtown today!

Good morning!  The best of mornings to you and yours!

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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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