can’t stop fracking…I’m gettin’ rich!

oil field worker

Another frackin’ article…it’s just too darn interesting.

Zipping around in google, I find a lot of articles about fracking.  It’s a pretty divisive technology.

Some people just hate it…think (probably justifiably so) that it has a lot of potential to damage the environment.

Some people love it ( the one’s who have a job in the fields).

The link above is a link to a bunch of articles culled from CNN..

They talk about workers getting six figure jobs working on the rigs.

There’s a lot of articles about guys that try and fail to get one of the high paying jobs, too.

I’ve been on the low paying end of the job scale.  I know how seductive it would be to try and get one of these boomtown jobs…start raking in the big bucks and change my family’s life.

I just don’t think I’d want to leave my family behind to do it.

Check out some of the articles about workers living in tents…or the Wal-Mart parking lot…or in an “affordable” 700 dollar a week motel room.  I don’t know if it would be worth it.

It’s the kind of money that could change your life…if you could hold your family together while you were making it…and if you’d be willing to jump off the “crazy train” when you’d finally made enough.

Here’s another link to a salary description page…like everything it looks like the unskilled are getting “rode hard and put up wet”….

more later…..

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