hair today, gone…

Angry female naked mole rat. Credit: Buffenstein/Barshop Institute/UTHSCSA













I’m beardless.

See the full viking post if you wonder what was going on with the beard

It is a lot faster to get rid of a beard than it is to grow one.  Clippers, disposable razor…a hot shower and a couple of minutes of scraping…and I’m smooth again.

One of the fun things about shaving off a beard is playing with it as it falls to the floor…goatee, fu-manchu, little Hitler mustache (I shaved that one off quick), and then, before it all went away and I swept my “personality” (remember Alfalfa on the Little Rascals?) into the wastebasket, a really sweet soul patch.

I love wearing a beard.  I love the scruffy feeling of freedom…getting up in the morning and being able to say, “nah…not today” to my razor after I finish cleaning up for the day.

But…on the other hand…I am a DAMN DARN HANDSOME GUY underneath all that hair!  Holy Smokes! I can’t help making that observation…it is truly shocking to realize that again.

It’s just that my face seems a little…smaller somehow.

Really though…if you have the option of your littlest one running in fear from you when you try to kiss him…or of anyone running from a scratchy pile of scruff when you pucker up…it’s pretty much a no brainer that smooth is where it’s at.

Maybe when I’m toothless and 90…sitting on the porch of my snowed in Idaho cabin…I’ll have a beard down to my knees.  Full Viking will have to wait for a while.

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