ted kills hogs

ted nugent salutingSomewhere, someone in this country will be eating a nicely grilled chicken breast or a well prepared veal cutlet and will say to their dinner companions, “Did you read that horrible article about Ted Nugent slaughtering all those nice wild hogs with a machine gun? from a helicopter?”

Here’s a link to the article…both the article and the photo above are from MSN…


Ted Nugent has never been shy about being outrageous.

It could be that that’s the problem with something like this for a lot of people.

When we slaughter millions of chickens so that we can enjoy a genetically enhanced super-breast, we don’t give it a second thought…as long as the blood’s on someone else’s hands or, like the case may be with the chickens, on someone else’s machine.

But when someone who’s totally pro-hunting touts the benefits of killing wild hogs from a helicopter, it sounds cruel and inhumane.

If we can continue to see animals as a product…raised in poor conditions for our later consumption…slaughtered in a factory setting for the sake of efficiency and profit..it will always seem strange that we find it easy to put down Ted Nugent for killing a bunch of wild pigs from the air.

I don’t want to slaughter anything…and I’ll probably mull that conviction over while I’m eating and enjoying my next big piece of chicken.

Ted’s take on the hog situation is that they screw a lot of stuff up…and the meat will feed a lot of hungry people.

Makes sense to get rid of them in that light.

It still feels kind of weird to think of someone shooting them from a helicopter.

But…how weird is it to think about killing a bunch of chickens in a factory?  Who wants to think about that?  Not me, for one…that’s why I buy my meat at WalMart.  It keeps the blood off my hands.

I guess that if we continue to eat meat, and we have any problem with hunting or with Ted Nugent, we’re a hypocrite.  It’s a lot more humane, and probably healthier,  to “harvest” wild game than it is to support the commercial meat industry.

I wonder if the most humane choice wouldn’t be to stop eating other animals, though?  That thought is one I’ll also ponder when I’m enjoying my next drumstick….or last drumstick?

Here’s a link to the original article that MSN got the story from…read the comments section with mention of the damage wild pigs do to the environment.

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