taco bell gonna save the world

doritos taco

When I was going to school in Atlanta, we used to take our sketch pads to one of the parks downtown to draw.

We were stationary entities, sitting ducks for every curious homeless person who wanted to panhandle us or just find a captive audience for whatever rap they wanted to engage in.

I remember one guy came up to me and started to visit.

He put his arm around me and said, “You know what’s gonna save the world?”

I didn’t…”no, I don’t.”


I’ll never forget that….or wonder if he knew something I didn’t about how the world rolls.

Yesterday, I heard the news that because Taco Bell has a beloved product in the Doritos Taco, they were able to create over 15,000 new jobs.  Read the story here.


Forget cash for clunkers, forget incentive, buybacks, rebates, earned income credits, social security, or any other plan to save the country and our economy.

Forget all that stuff.

What the President and Congress and all the rest of them need to do is just take off those kid gloves, get themselves to a kitchen somewhere and start cooking up some delicious and addictive FAST FOOD!

(soylent green is PEOPLE, right?)

You hear news like Taco Bell’s and it all becomes clear what we as a country need to do.

And it also points out that job creation isn’t really about creating good jobs…it’s just about getting someone moving around behind a formica counter.  (There may be some Taco Bell folks who love their jobs…but from what I’ve seen it doesn’t always seem that way if you’re standing on the other side of the counter waiting for someone to lovingly construct another bean burrito ).

Any news is good news when it comes to taco sales going up, I guess…it’s just a weird commentary on our economy and on our eating habits, too.


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