it’s what we watch

Children’s programming is where it’s at.

At least, it seems to be where we’re at these days.

Luckily, a lot of it is pretty entertaining…so when our three-year old becomes obsessed with a show, it helps that it’s watchable.

The weird thing about it all is that much of the time we know more about what’s happening with the rescue bots than we do with what they’re doing in our government to rescue us from the fiscal cliff.  You know what you know….we are surrounded by transforming robots and television shows about transforming robots.

I’ve mentioned it before…but I sure do wish I had stock in  the company that thought up the idea of having a bunch of toy robots that need other robots to be complete…and then maybe the robots that complete the robots that needed the robots to be complete need robots themselves to both look good and feel complete.  Lots of need….lots of buying if you can’t escape fueling the robot need.

What a bunch of needy little toys.

But it is kind of cool, really….”now this one turns into what ?  A fire truck? That’s pretty cool”.

I wonder sometimes if the really good lesson here is just learning how to appreciate…and how to stop living for myself so completely.

It’s a good thing to be able to enjoy what other people enjoy…even if you’d sometimes not watch the same show about the same robots for the 10th time.

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