windows are rolled down

It’s a sure bet that if I’m posting another YouTube video that I’m so completely uninspired to write a blog post that I’m desperate for content.

Completely uninspired…fuzzy headed early morning survival mode…not a good place to be if I want to come up with something to write about that has some “meat” to it.

Then along comes Amos Lee.

We almost named our son “Amos”…I told my wife, “how about the name Amos?” ….and she really liked it….but my daughter said the kids at school would turn it into “Anus” so we chickened out.  Man….it’s a great name, though.

This song is like a soundtrack to the world opening up…Spring is here and windows are rolled down.

So…even if I don’t feel like writing much this morning…thanks to Amos Lee it’s a complete attitude reversal.

Windows are rolled down.



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