we have the technology

The catch phrase for the old “Six Million Dollar Man” show was “we have the technology, we can rebuild him”.

Pretty cool…it was a fixable problem.  They had the technology…and they were going to make things all better.

My bookshelves are sagging with how to, someday, make it better, get rich, fix your problem, here’s what your problem is kind of books.  Sagging with these kind of books.

Of course, I have a lot of different kinds of books…but I do have a good number of books that show a concern for making things better.

“We have the technology…we can rebuild him”.

Now, of course, if I stopped and actually put into practice some of the concepts these books talked about…I’D BE A WEINER!!!….I mean WINNER.  I’d be a winner.  I have the technology….I’d be a winner.

The problem is…what I really enjoy and what satisfies my undiagnosed ADHD the most is videos like this:

I know I should be watching something more uplifting…reading one of the good books I have about how I’d measure up if I just did what the author said to do…maybe listening to one of the tape courses I have…I don’t know what would have the biggest impact on my life.

Time is valuable…time is short…time is precious…so why do I waste my time on stuff like this?

Maybe, when it all is said and done, I’ll realize that I was actually pretty uplifted by a two-minute slice of silly funk.

Maybe that’s all any of us needs…a secret funk bass line percolating in our brains as we go about our daily tasks…some secret funk we can call our own.

I couldn’t wish a kinder thing for anyone….a secret funk they could call their own.

My technology must wear a lot of different faces after all.

This video clip is from a movie called Adventures of Power …it streams on Netflix.


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