little big kid

little big man

Dustin Hoffman starred in a movie a while back called “Little Big Man” about a white boy raised by Indians.

It’s a great movie.

My sister’s birthday is today.

She wasn’t raised by Indians…she was raised by Norwegians.

I don’t think they’ve made a movie about that …yet.

There isn’t a lot of connection to the movie when a little Norwegian girl has a birthday…I just started thinking about the title…and then I started thinking about how no matter how old we get (I think she turns 29 or something today… but I really can’t remember…and women don’t discuss their age, anyway)…ummm, no matter how old we get, I think there’s always a part of us that is the little child we were when we were…a little child.

I’m not saying she’s immature…she’s one of the mature people in my life…but to me, she’ll always be my little sister.  It’s funny how that works…in our heads we carry a part of who we were, no matter who we become.

So…happy birthday to you, Beth!

My little sister…imagine that.

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