norbit_posterWhile I was getting my morning started…boiling some water for the french press, grinding the coffee, making a peanut butter sandwich for later, packing my banana, filling my water bottle…doing the same things I do every morning in the same way and at the same time, I thought, “this is kind of like a really boring and un-zenlike tea ceremony”.

My modern tea ceremony…complete with banana packing and sandwich preparation.

There are things that I think my wife would like me to keep hidden from the world.  There aren’t many…to live a life without secrets is a good thing…but discretion is vital sometimes.  Sometimes too much can be given away with the slip of a tongue…sometimes minor details tell more about a person’s character than we intended.

I like Norbit .

It’s as low-brow as it gets…the critics hated it…most people with any sense or refinement can’t stand it…it was pretty repulsive.

But I like Norbit.  I think it’s pretty funny.

I guess I should be embarrassed…should be talking about some movie with some class like Wings of Desire or Lawrence of Arabia…or some other such some such…but I like the low-brow stuff sometimes.

Like the country song sort of says…I like my movies just a little on the trashy side.

Maybe the most fun for me is seeing the reaction that other people have when I suggest it as a viewing choice.

“How about Norbit?”  is sure to produce a violent and sustained negative reaction.

For some perverse reason, that’s kind of entertaining for me.

I’m not a sadomasochist…I don’t like to cause any one around me any pain….I don’t get pleasure from other people’s discomfort.  I’m not like that.  That’s not how I roll.

But…it’s fun to see the grimace when I mention Norbit.

In case you hadn’t figured out from watching the trailer….Eddie Murphy plays the main character, Norbit…and he also plays Rasputia, his king sized…no, that may be the wrong way to say it…his queen sized love interest.

“You got a girlfriend, Norbit?  Well you do now.”

Things don’t roll easy for Norbit.  It’s a hard life living with Rasputia.  She is not a nice character.

Norbit is a funny movie.  I will say it again to cement the damage I’ve already done to my critical reputation…I like Norbit.

If I was on Oprah, I’d jump up on that couch and crow to the world, ” I LIKE NORBIT!!”

You would think that someone with his own private tea ceremony would have a more developed capacity for quality.   A mature man should be…mature…..”when I was a child, I…” and all that.  There should be evidence of growth and wisdom…not some weird backsliding like enjoying Norbit.

I don’t know if it’s some sort of covert Satanic plot, but this movie streams everywhere…Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, Crackle…it’s everywhere.

You can’t escape Norbit.  It’s like laying down next to the pods in the Invasion of the Body Snatchers movie….who knows who you’ll be after you waste some time watching this one.

I know it changed my life.

That’s a good thing…right?


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