grow up not old

“I like builders, like I like farmers, because they have to deal with real things.  Things have to work.”

I’ve written about Lloyd Kahn before…but here’s a short video where he talks about his homestead and his early years working on the Whole Earth Catalog.

These days, when we have the ability to say, “just Google it” when we want access to information, we forget how revolutionary it was to hold in our hands a book that introduced us to new ways of doing and thinking about things.

Lloyd is the best example I know of the thought that age is just a number.

From his example, I guess I can learn that to stay interested and involved…and to work at something you love and are excited about…must be some sort of fountain of youth.

The quality of the years in our lives must count a lot more than the quantity.

It is inspiring to learn about people who take that thought to heart.

Now, that being said, I think that to have a whole bunch of high quality quantity (of years) wouldn’t be such a bad thing, either.


Check out Lloyd’s blog here…

Here’s another short video….


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