big, big, big, big, big world

I see these videos and it just cements something that I always knew…

it’s a big world out there.

Looking for a video to include in the blog this morning, I thought that it was kind of funny now that I could look up any information or videos on “simple living”.  It’s a new world now…as long as I have the bandwidth and a reasonably fast computer, I can look up videos about how to live simply.

That’s kind of hilarious…if I’m up to date with the complex technology, I can learn to live simply.  If I’m deep into the world of technology, I can enjoy watching other people pursue the simple life.

These guys talk about minimal needs…but I guess they do mention a computer as being something they can run with a simple, off-grid power system….so maybe I don’t need to worry about needing to be a total Luddite.

These folks seem to have a pretty good handle on minimal technology to get the job done on their floating house.

When I watch these videos it makes it pretty apparent that it really is having the willingness to just go out and do it….you don’t get all your ducks in a row first, you don’t wait until you’re an expert on the “right way” to do anything before you make the leap.

Maybe you become an expert after a lifetime of surviving your mistakes?

Maybe you just remain a guy who keeps making a lot of mistakes.

I don’t really know…(I say that a lot..I don’t know why).

Here’s another short film…a documentary by Nicholas Stuart…



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