living in a van down by the…campus

I don’t think I’d encourage my daughter to do what Ken Ilgunas did to save money in college.

I don’t think I’d want her to live in a van to cut down on her living expenses.

But that’s what Ken Ilgunas did…and he wrote a book about his experience called Walden on Wheels.

walden on wheels

It’s a pretty interesting story.

After graduating with an undergraduate degree in History and English…and 32,000 dollars in student debt…he went to Alaska and worked various jobs, made some money, moved back to the lower 48, prepared to start Graduate School at Duke…and bought a van to live in.

It’s ingenious…non-traditional…and inspiring.

He lived in his van, showered at the school gym, used the school wi-fi at the library, and saved a bunch of money doing it.

Here’s a link to his website .

Jenny is horrified I think when I start showing an interest in really non-traditional ways of doing anything.  She sees the trouble ahead when I go off on some weird tangent.

But I’m really fascinated by this story.

Check out some of Ken Igunas’ YouTube videos…he’s hiking the length of the Keystone Pipeline.  It looks like another interesting story.

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