everything was dogs


When I graduated from college, some camp friends invited me to move to Auburn, Alabama and start a band.

My parents must have loved that.

Here I’d spent 6 and a half years or so finishing up a degree in Art…working and paying for it myself, but still…and when I finally finished I went to a college town and tried to start a band.

I don’t even know where or how to put that on my résumé.

I must have had the most patient parents in the world.

While I was in Auburn, and the band wasn’t coming together very well or very quickly, I took a job working at a local vet clinic that one of my potential bandmates was already working at.

What a great experience that was…assisting with operations, bathing cats and dogs, keeping things clean and running smoothly.

I loved working with the doctors and the other staff…loved working with all the animals.

During this time, I’d sit out on the roof over the porch of the house we rented on Thach St. (Ave. ?  It was a long time ago…) with my guitar (when I wasn’t working at the clinic) and try and write songs.

I could watch all the people go by…wave…and go back to writing these silly songs.

I’d written a bunch of words in my spiral notebook when someone got a chance to read some of my “lyrics”…and mentioned that, “Man….you’ve got a lot of songs about dogs in here…“.

And I did have a lot of songs about dogs in my notebook.

Like the smell of the clinic must have been ever present on my body… my head must have been constantly filled with thoughts of dogs.

I had dogs on the brain.

There are worse things to be obsessed over, I suppose.

I just love dogs.

The guys I was living with in that old house were a bunch of rascals…so we had a lot of good adventures together.

I’ve been blessed to have adventurous friends…it’s been a lot of fun to goof off with these people.

Again, I don’t know where to mention that in my résumé.

Obviously, I didn’t do everything I’ve done in my life with an awareness of how it “would look on a resume”.

Most of my life has felt like falling into the water…not even jumping in…and then trying to figure out how to keep my head above the surface. Wondering in my surprise if I should just keep on treading water or try and make it to the shore.

Some of these “falling into” situations have been pretty great.  I loved working with those animals…and by animals, I mean the dogs and cats at the clinic, not my co-workers.  That was a good and unexpected thing to work around all those dogs.

I’ve known a lot of really great people in my life.  Kings and Queens…royalty amongst the human race.

Good Medicine.

I’ve also known a lot of really great animals…a lot of really great dogs.

Awwwwwww….I loves me some dogs.

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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.


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