I have a backpack, too….

Usually, when someone tells you, “The house is great….but the access is really bad” it means that it might be a little rough to get up to the house.

The road might have some potholes…strange grading…needs some gravel.

There might be some fixable issues.

Most of the time, I find that it’s sort of an overstatement.  The road isn’t as bad as they say. I can maintain optimism and look beyond how hard it was to arrive at my destination.

Jenny and I went to look at a house last night that lived up to the hype.

The road was about a mile of ungraded weirdness.

It was bad access defined. It was some scary driving when the road was dry.

My head was swirling with thoughts of what the road would be like if it snowed.

I was ready to go home before I even looked at the house.

So much for my spirit of adventure.

This is a documentary about travelers.

From the looks of it, if you’re young, you can go anywhere you have the money to go.

I’m “middle-young” and we have a family, but I bet we could figure out a way to “go”, too.

In between the living “here now”, we might be able to figure out a way to “go there soon”.

But when it feels kind of awkward to drive a mile up a bad “driveway” to check out a house that’s just a little ways down the road from us…I have to wonder how it would be to pack up and really explore the “big world”.

Maybe the “big gesture” is easier than the small day to day? Maybe planning a big trip puts you in a different “place” in your head than planning a trip up the road?

It’s something about attitude, I suppose. India is a lot more exotic and exciting than the road you’ve lived on for 20 years.  It’s easier to get jacked up about something new.

The energy and enthusiasm for life is always there, sometimes you just need something new to stir it up again.

And when it’s a situation where it’s hard to get a single day off from work ( “How about Tuesday? Would Tuesday be alright for a day off?”), I can’t imagine taking a year off and trying to stay employed.

The United States Post Office does not encourage “walkabouts”.

There is so much that I want to see. It is a big world.

“One of these days”, I might do some roaming around.

One thing that I did notice watching this video is all these young travelers eventually talking about how their travels made them appreciate home. Maybe that’s the real reason to travel…to get us back to a place where we fall in love again with where we live.

I’ve got a backpack, too, you know.

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