David Carradine was Kwai Chang Caine

Man….I used to eat this stuff up when I was younger…back in the day….

How many little kids were running around in the 1970’s “snatching a pebble from my hand” and practicing their high kicks because of David Carradine?

I heard the song at the bottom of the post…the one by Curtis Mayfield…and all of a sudden I was thinking about David Carradine and Kwai Chang and Kung Fu and “the pebble” and Grasshopper.

The song didn’t have a whole lot to do with Kung Fu, it turned out….but it was a kickstarter for my memories…

That was quite a show.

“Be like the sun and what is within you will warm the earth”

Ahhhhhhhh!!! I ate that kind of stuff up, boyeeeeeeee!!!

What a great introduction to all that philosophy stuff…what TV show ever referenced some of this stuff?

How about this scene where he leaves the temple?

I could never look at a hibachi without wondering if that wasn’t a passage to the outer world….I could have been a 12-year-old, training-less “monk” with funky scars on his arms.

That would have been a bad move…for me…..it worked out great for Caine…

I don’t remember seeing another show like this….I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed this show until I watched a couple of clips for this blog.

This was a great show….”snatch the pebble”?


“Kung Fu” Curtis Mayfield

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