It’s lightly raining here.

I wonder how much of the gravel I used to fill in the driveway ruts will still be on the road when I drive down it?

It doesn’t take much to make it go away sometimes.

“Flood” is a wack hype title.

It’s not going to flood….it’s just going to “moist”.

Sometimes I get excited and build the mountain when it’s just a bunch of moles screwing around….sometimes I build a puddle into a flood.

Speaking of flood….I watched some of that “Noah” movie online a while back.

That was pretty darn weird.

It’s always a little strange when Hollywood brings some of the Bible to the big screen.

I don’t think that Hollywood does “Bible” very well.

Now, if you are going to turn the story of Noah into some grand science fiction epic, you’ve come to the right place to get that job done.

Giant rock creature angels….fallen to earth….roaming around….fortuitously available when Noah starts to do the really heavy lifting ark work….that wasn’t really very Biblical.

I don’t remember that angels/aliens connection.

But…that was lucky to have those Transformers Rock Angels around.

I don’t know how a dude and his family could build a big boat without them.

That was a pretty wacky twist that I didn’t see coming.

I felt that the filmmakers took some liberties with that part of the Biblical story.

I don’t remember the rock creature alien angels in the original story of Noah.

The online version that I watched was filmed in Russia and it was kind of hazy so I probably missed a fair amount of the more subtle parts of the movie.

I did see some folks get up to get a popcorn refill….but that was the only part that was well filmed.

It’s funny how much attention the Christian community sent “Noah” ‘s way when the movie came out.

It wasn’t really worth the attention.

No matter how many liberties the producers take with the original story….the movie wasn’t worth getting upset over.

My mother used to say, “Just ignore them” when I had issues with people….or people had issues with me, more likely.

In retrospect, that was horrible advice.

I probably would have been more satisfied ….long term…if I’d tried to smash some faces when things got really confrontational.

“Just ignore them”…..? Pshawwwwww.

Would Dirty Harry “just ignore them”? I think not.

Clint Eastwood might….but not Dirty Harry.

He’d smash them in the face….or shoot them with a big gun.

He wouldn’t ignore them.

I got off track a little…sorry.

It’s hard to stay on track when you think about people who should have gotten a face smashing.

This Noah thing….wasn’t worth paying attention to.

It was a wacky movie….a science fiction movie with a main character based on a Biblical character.

I can’t wait for “Judas Armageddon” to come out in the Fall.

That should be pretty darn wacky cool.

“The Rain Song” Led Zepellin

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