This is a video of a cabin and a bunch of outbuildings being constructed up in Alaska.

That’s the boring way to describe the operation.

Here’s the way the person who posted the video described it on YouTube:

Building a remote cabin in Alaska. The man in the wool cap on the atv was going to build a cabin on this land, his land. 2 weeks after he bought the land, he was paralyzed, in 1980. 20 years later, his sons built the cabin for him. He was helicoptered in to see it in 2005. That man is my father.

These guys went back to complete something.

They didn’t go back to rebuild the cabin that their father built in the 1970’s.

That cabin is 10 miles away from the site of these cabins…and is falling into disrepair.

You can see that cabin towards the end of this video.

They went back to build a new cabin in honor of their father’s dream.

At the time of the video posting, the son who made the video is his father’s caregiver.

I guess that a good story leaves you wanting to know more.

I’d like to know more about this experience that these guys had up in Alaska helping their father continue a dream that he started in the 1970’s.

I have a soft spot for families who take care of each other.

I know how hard that is from what I’ve been witness to in my own family.

You combine that caring with a bunch of folks building a cabin way out in Alaska….and you’ve got my vote for a video that I’m going to appreciate and enjoy.

There is something to be said for “finishing”, too.

I don’t know who “Jeff Suthy” is….but thank you for posting this video on YouTube.

I enjoyed it.

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