This is a clip from a tribute concert from 2001.

Joni Mitchell….holy smokes.

I heard an interview with David Crosby recently where he said that of all the songwriters from that period… when all these great artists were doing their best work….or most well-known work….all these artists….Jackson Browne….James Taylor….all of the other great artists during that time period when “singer-songwriter” was a big deal…that Joni Mitchell was the one who would be remembered as the finest of the bunch.

I think he said that she was the real genius….lyrically and musically.

That’s pretty high praise.

This song breaks my heart.

I wonder how many times I’ve listened to this song?

Enough times to be rich from the nickels.

I’m rich in other ways…..what a great song.

I could post videos of other people doing Joni songs all day long.

Why wouldn’t you want to sing a great song?

Even the great talents recognize something great.

And, last but nowhere close to least…..the real deal.

I don’t care how scratchy the LP was….I’d listen to Joni Mitchell anytime….

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