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I wrote a blog post about the site a while back.

Now I get so much spam from French pornography sites that it’s a problem.

Of course, I failed French….so I can’t read any of them, but the site addresses lead me to believe that it’s all porn spam.

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter what language the people are speaking….you can tell that there is something kind of sneaky afoot.

Cabinporn is a collection of pictures like the one at the beginning of the post.

Here’s another good one….

beaver brook

What I was thinking last night was that all we really need is a hard-walled tent.

We need a place to park our heads for a good night’s sleep.

A hard-walled tent….or maybe a yurt….or a van….or a tipi.

We probably don’t need a really big house.

I do, though.

I need a place for the books….I need a place for my paper albatross.

I need a place for the tools.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg….that’s just a small segment of the stuff that I have that I need a space for.

Everybody needs a place for their stuff…even the stuff they’ve collected so that they can live a “simple life”.

All this stuff needs a place….and then we need to fit ourselves into the picture, too.

This site,, is full of great photos of small places (for the most part) that are pretty inspirational.

All over the world, people are building these shacks and cabins.

Maybe we need to build one up in Idaho one of these days?

It would be good to build one somewhere.

cabin french alps


“Good Times” Jesse Colin Young


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