every year

Every year…these leaves come down….turning brown….falling down.

No big magic in that.

No big magic….but sort of amazing, really….to see the seasons come together, year after year, pulling off the mundane miracle of moving into another phase of our lives.

It may just be “pre-coffee moroseness”….that may be what’s doing the talking here….but I am impressed with the movement into Fall.

That’s pretty cool…that it’s getting cooler.

I better drink some coffee.

There….that’s better.


I guess that it’s good that I appreciate the juggernaut.

Whether I appreciate it all or not, it’s all going to happen anyway.

No matter what kind of lighting or climate control I have in my house, the seasons are going to happen….with or without me.

I used the phrase “mundane miracle” early in the blog, but there’s really nothing mundane about any of the things that go on around us.

There’s nothing mundane about Nature.

I think sometimes that I take it for granted because it’s kind of tiring to live in a constant state of amazement.

That could really wear a person out to be amazed all the time.

So, maybe it’s easier to just call something that’s pretty consistently grand….”mundane”.

It’s like always driving a Maserati….after a while, it’s just a “car”.

Anyway….we’re moving into Fall and I like it.

I know that it means Winter is coming soon….and it’s going to get cold and a little bit harder for a while….but I love Fall.

I’ll deal with the Winter when it comes…now it’s time to enjoy the coolness and the Fall colors.

It poured here for a couple of days.

I think that I heard that there’s a big storm somewhere in the world.

When other people get huge storms….our storms aren’t quite as extreme.

We didn’t get the typhoon….just a lot of rain.

Taking Nate to school yesterday, we had to detour where a tree had fallen across the road.

Our straight shot became a small loop because of that tree.

I guess that the ground gets soft with all the rain….and then it doesn’t take a whole lot of wind to push it down.

I just read the beginning of this blog again before I hit “publish”….or contemplated writing some more….and the phrase “phase of our lives” jumped at me.

“Phase of our lives”? Why do I have to personalize everything? In the big picture, I really am pretty irrelevant….and that’s OK. I’m not the hub of the wheel….my importance is negligible.

I try and take care of my family….try to pay attention to my personal hygiene…try to handle at least some of the details that make things roll smoother….

but I’m not a big shot.

I don’t think that releasing my album to 500 million Itunes users at the same time would make me a big shot.

In the face of Nature….and the presence of God….I’m pretty small potatoes.

Thank goodness.

It would be rough to be responsible for the really big ticket items.

It’s hard enough just taking care of my family.

That’s enough for me.


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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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