Deek in a House

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen.

Check this guy out….builder, author…grownup having fun with his life.

What could be better?

“Kept building forts into my adulthood…”

and then….he discovers that he’s making a living building forts for other people.

Check out this book that he’s authored…..

Humble Homes, Simple Shacks, Cozy Cottages, Ramshackle Retreats, Funky Forts: And Whatever The Heck Else We Could Squeeze In Here

diedricksen book

The book is available from Amazon here….

Oprah was my hero before I saw this guy (what an ENTREPRENEUR SHE IS!!)….but Deek …he’s the dude.

I was kidding about Oprah.

Did you ever see that magazine “O”?

I think that it’s about OPRAH!!!

Did you know that?

I think that it’s about OPRAH.

But….I digress.

I like seeing people doing so much in such a creative way.

Check out Deek’s blog here…

Lloyd Kahn….Deek Diedricksen….these are some pretty darn cool characters.

It’s good to know that there are people out in the world doing such interesting things.


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