It’s pounding down rain here this morning.

Monday morning and heavy rain are a hard combination at the Post Office.

It’s hard to put the needs of all that paper…the letters, the magazines,the catalogs….and the extra-large, smart-shopper pre-Christmastime packages that come in this time of year….what was I saying? Oh….it’s hard to keep all of that stuff dry. No….it’s hard to not be selfish and put my needs ahead of the paper.

I like dry weather.

Dry and sunny….warm….that makes for an easy day of delivering the mail.

I heard this new Neil Young song on the radio the other day….and it just about broke my heart.

That’s a dangerous thing….to drive around with a broken heart.

Anyway…here’s the song….

“glimmer (orchestral)” Neil Young

Ah, Neil….what the heck? You tryin’ to break my heart or something?

It was pretty sunny a couple of days ago….and now it’s rainy….pounding down rainy.

All of these changes….and the weather is no different.

Like these kids, for example.

It would drive me insane if they stayed little for a really long time.

It would drive me plumb, freaking insane if they stayed little and kept dragging the yogurt…. that I set on the table for a second while I cleaned up their face in between bites….off onto the carpet when I reached down for the wash rag.

That would drive me crazy.

Who’s that stone guy? Sisyphus!!

I’d be like a yogurt based Sisyphus if they stayed little forever.

Sometimes, though, I wish they could stay little for a while.

There is something about innocence that feels really appealing when you’re looking in the rear view mirror….and noticing something that you left behind like forgotten luggage….while you speed along down a one-way highway.

I guess that the thing about a one-way highway, too, is that if you’re on it with a bunch of other vehicles, you really can’t slow down….and it’s hard to pull over to take a rest. You’re pushed to stay with the “flow”….you’ve got to go….go….go.

Somebody’s always tailgating you…beeping their horn, yelling “C’mon!!! COME ON!!! GO!!”

What the heck….you don’t figure out much when you’ve been driving as long as I have….you sure aren’t going to figure out everything when you’re just on the “on ramp”.

You just can’t back up sometimes.

But, you can’t stand still in the middle of the road, either.

I guess that it’s important to pick the right road.

That’s a hard thing to do while you’re trying to pay attention to all this living.

Somebody’s going to knock down some yogurt if you get too distracted for a second.

Watch out.


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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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