more dudes doing a job

Here’s a documentary about the construction of the Alaska Oil Pipeline.

Look up “Peak Oil” and another wormhole opens up….and this video was included in the collection.

Just a bunch of dudes doing a job….and if the Keystone thing goes through, I imagine there’ll be a new bunch out there, “gettin’ it done”.

I drive around.

I live in a house made out of wood.

I like doing both of those things.

I can’t come down on the loggers cutting down forest or the welders connecting big pipes together.

It’s their jobs.

I’d only be increasing my already substantial “hypocrite status” if I came down on the people supplying me with the things that help me enjoy my easy life

I do hope that they’ll leave the forest close to me alone…and that I don’t have a big pipe stretching across my backyard someday.

I can deal with it as long as it all goes down somewhere else.

I don’t want to chain myself to a tree and then drive my┬ávintage VW bus back to the condo when it’s all said and done….after I’ve managed to shut the big project down and get these guys back on the unemployment line.

Of course, I wish that we could come up with some viable alternatives to destroying the environment.

It always seems that the areas that are most beautiful to me….because there aren’t many people around….are the most desirable for the “world rapers” to attack…because there aren’t many people around.

Who’s it going to hurt if nobody lives there, right?

Who’s going to fight the man if nobody’s around to do it?

It’s funny how willing we are to take a dump in our own nests….if it keeps us on the road and keeps the price of gas down.

All these dudes….just trying to continue getting a paycheck…..what are they going to do if we shut some of this stuff down?

Learn how to cook meth?

I do like the wide open spaces, though.

The land looked better without that big pipe rolling across it.

“fight the power” Public Enemy

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