Alecia Moore is Pink

This is what the artist known as “Pink” can do.

I never paid a lot of attention to her.

Overblown and really “pop”….it wasn’t really my style.

She can put on a good show, though.

Now she has a new project with songwriter Dallas Green called You plus Me.

Here’s a song from their first and (so far) only album….

“From a Closet in Norway (Oslo Blues)” You plus Me

It’s a good thing to get a chance to see a talented artist in a new light.

I don’t think I would have given her music a second thought if she hadn’t released this quiet project with Dallas Green.

I think that it caught a lot of people unawares….I hear people on some of the singer-songwriter type stations that I like to listen to commenting on what a surprise this album is….

Here’s another song from the album….

“gently” You plus Me

and… more….the title track from the album.

You + Me…Alecia Moore and Dallas Green…..the album is titled “Rose Ave.” and was written and recorded in a single week.

They’re a talented duo with a history of friendship….good music.

“You plus Me” You + Me



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