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Isaac came home from school yesterday and told me that his phone didn’t work anymore.

It was something about the SIMM card not being recognized or something.

So…..I had to call India and speak to a Tracfone representative.

That’s hard.

The lady I talked to told me that the number had been ported over to another carrier.





We didn’t port it. We wouldn’t do that. Why would we do that?

She said that he didn’t have that number anymore.


I spent about an hour talking to them about what might have happened.

What a waste of my life.

Then….I thought, “What the heck?! (which is what ‘wtf’ means….) What the heck?!! I’m going to call that number and find out what is going on.”

So, I called the number and got this older lady who told me all about how expensive her old plan was and how her son was with ATT with his phone…. but lost his job so she took over the payments on the contract but it was 400.00 a month and when she finally said, “I’M NOT GOING TO PAY THAT!!” it cost her 250.00 to get out of the contract and how much trouble they had switching her number over to the new no-contract plan and how it was going to be cheaper now and…..

and a whole bunch of other stuff.

I’ll bet it was hard switching over a number that wasn’t yours to begin with.

So I called Tracfone back and explained what probably happened…..again….and the operator checked with his supervisor and eventually told me that Isaac could keep his number….but they’d have to send out a new SIMM card since the original one had been cancelled….and that the process would take 3 to 5 business days.


What a pain in the rear…..just because an older lady couldn’t remember that her number started with “209” instead of “290”.

I guess that we were the victims of non-malicious identity theft.

And that’s the deal, really.

Sometimes the motivation doesn’t really matter….it’s the end result.

You can get screwed up just as deeply by someone else’s stupidity as much as you can by someone who’s working hard at hurting you.

Some little bimbo smoking a cigarette while she’s texting….cruising along in an un-inspected vehicle with expired tags….no license….baby flopping around on the front seat…..completely unaware of anyone except herself…..on a collision course with her destiny…..and my car.

And….she doesn’t give me a second thought.

If she hits me…..I know that it’s nothing personal.

It’s just me getting too close to her personal black hole of stupidity.

Isaac’s phone thing is more funny than really damaging….now that I don’t have to talk to India anymore.

(Those guys are so nice…patient. If they’re a little hard to understand….well, that’s my problem. They do a good job.)

And….good fortune to Shirley. I hope she gets her phone situation figured out.

I’m glad she’s not my problem anymore.


This doesn’t have much to do with losing a phone number and getting it back again…but here’s an acoustic version of “Wrecking Ball”. I KNEW that it was a good song…..

“wrecking ball (cover)” two worlds

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