I live in a house

Here’s another freakout “Peter’s eyeing that spot down by the river again” video.

No….it’s not like that.

It’s not like that.

I don’t chafe at the harness┬álike that…..I don’t have anything to escape.

I live in a house.

But…..these alternatives sure are interesting.

Tiny houses….houses made of bales of straw….and VANS….converting a van? That’s kind of cool.

Just another kind of hard walled tent….one that you could get away in when the cops start rapping on its side in the middle of the night.

You could drive your whole house away if things started hitting the fan!

How cool is that?

They can’t tax what they can’t find.

And what do they do if you’ve pared it down even farther and everything you own fits in a backpack?

I’ll have to buy another book about that to add to my collection.

I don’t know why…..but I just thought of a guy named Dick Dorworth.

He wrote an article called “Night Driving” that I read in a magazine called “the Mountain Gazette” that a friend gave me a while back…..like 35 years ago or so.

Here’s an article about him…..interesting character.

I guess that you could live like a gypsy with a family….but it would be hard on the family.

What a memory that would be for everybody, though.

Don’t worry….I live in a house.


You know….while I’m momentarily remembering something good from a while back…..here’s something good from the present. This guy, Dick Dorworth (!)….check out his site and his blog.

Man….I enjoy the way he writes…..


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