circle the wagons

In the old movies, they’d circle the wagons when the Indians came pouring over the hill, arrows flying and horse hoofs pounding.

Of course, these were American Indians I’m talking about.

They weren’t the Indians from India.

Those are different Indians.

That would have been a different kind of situation….the Indians coming over the hill, swaying and clapping in some Bollywood fantasy….singing…smiling….helping the Cowboys fix their computers.

The West would have been a different sort of place if the settlers had been confronted with that type of Indian.

The white man probably would have figured out a way to put that kind of Indian down, too, though….no matter how many delicious curries their new friends turned them on to at Thanksgiving.

I don’t see any Indian people up here in Detroit….only a far-out chiropractor (in this video, at least).

This is the new Wild West….up in the middle of the country….up in the cool North.

This is where the crazy wildness is.

We’re still cleaning out the property that we bought down the road from where we live now.

Jenny said this morning that we need to rent the giant dumpster again so that we can fill it up will all the trash in the creek bed.


That’s the smart thing to do.


It’s smart.

While we’re in the mode, we should just keep going….but I don’t want to drag all that crap up the hill.

It’s not going to get done unless somebody does it, though.

Anyway….back to this Detroit thing….

Holy Smokes…it’s insane up there….whole blocks of nothing but tall grass, derelict houses, wild packs of dogs, and crack heads.

Sign me up.

I’m kidding. Renting a giant dumpster isn’t going to make that situation any better.

But…it’s all so cheap….all so cheap and dangerous.

I could put my rose-colored glasses (I almost wrote “roast colored glasses”!!) and let my cheap side color how I saw it all…..convince myself that it might be a doable situation even though the arrows were flying all around me.

Speaking of arrows….I almost bought a place….no, I looked at a place….up in Asheville when I was looking for a place to buy….that was pretty bad.

If you didn’t know what you were doing, you might think that you’d lucked into something kind of cool.

It was an old house ….maybe 900 sq. feet…..little old house….with an additional 5 lots included….joined an old park with basketball goals and a soccer field grown over with weeds.

My friend Steve told me, “That’s up by Pisgah View Apartments….I don’t know about that one….”

“You might like it….”

If you see a news story about people killing each other…or a big drug bust going down….or someone being kidnapped and held in their apt. at knife point ….there’s a good chance that it’s up at the Pisgah View Apartments.

That house….with its extra lots….up in Asheville….was 24,000 dollars.

I wonder if I’ll ever learn that you really do get what you pay for?

“Come with Me (Instrumental Edit)” Kami K


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