Dubai! Where’s that water come from? Who are these people? How many questions do I have?

So….I’m wondering how to get some extra money to rent a giant dumpster again….so I can continue to clean out the little bit of property (comparatively “little”) we bought up the road from where we live now.

I’m thinking about something cheap and mundane like that….and these guys is Dubai are out in the desert heat on fancy streets driving solid gold Rolls Royces.

SOLID GOLD!!!! (That’s how you spread a rumor….there couldn’t be such a thing as a solid gold Rolls Royce).

These guys in Dubai are rich.

They have a lot of oil to sell….and who doesn’t like OIL?

Everybody wants it….we all use it.

Even the guys that ride bicycles need to lube everything up….and what are those bicycle tires made of?

I’ll tell you what those rubber tires are made of….they’re made of OIL!!

So the rich have a way to get rich….unless the price of oil drops precipitously….and they’ve overextended themselves….played the money game hard and fast on the margins of sanity….played to WIN while they drove around on streets built on the sand in their SOLID GOLD ROLLS ROYCES.

Man….I didn’t even think about the Dubai guys.

Harold G. Hamm¬†couldn’t pay his giant divorce settlement when oil prices dropped…what are these Dubai guys up to?

Hard times in Dubai, maybe…now that oil is dropping in price?

I’m fascinated with these extremes….Detroit falling apart and all the abandoned houses left behind in the exodus….and now, at the opposite extreme, ¬†Dubai, with its crazy wealth.

Dubai, with its desalination plants for all the water they use….their giant amounts of concrete to support the buildings built on the desert sands….all the consumption…..all the wealth….is something I’m not used to.

I don’t wear a hat like these sheiks.

I perch my hats….I don’t wrap my head like they do.

It’s some crazy stuff in Dubai….

It’d be kind of fun to see something like this, though.

I’d be a rube at the beach …..staring up at all the shiny buildings built out there in the desert.

I think that if I had my choice, I’d build someplace with less people and more fresh water.

I don’t know how to get the salt out.

I’d be parched with my limited knowledge of desalination.

Crazy Dubai.


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Dubai! Where’s that water come from? Who are these people? How many questions do I have? — 2 Comments

  1. Fascinating- every segment -of this long video. Of course none of this man made ant colony would be possible without all the migrant (Pakistani) labor. Takes 45 minutes to watch.

    • Long video…but, pretty interesting. “Man made ant colony”….drinking desalinated water….out in the desert= kooky…crazy. The Pakistani element…all those workers…is something that you don’t immediately think about when you look at the impressively shiny buildings….but probably should. It kind of puts the “shine” in a different light. Thanks for the comment, Roger!