Adventure Cycling Association

Adventure Cycling Association sent me some information a couple of weeks ago…..and yesterday, they sent me a sample issue of their newsletter/magazine.

Man…that’s a cool organization.

Now, of course, it IS a little harder to do this kind of thing with really little guys.

That’s a little harder.

But….when I showed her a video of some people riding their bikes, my little daughter, Sparrow, said, “BIKE!!”….so the interest is there….even in a little one like that.

We have so much fun on the Swamp Rabbit Trail in SC….and, like the fellow says at the end of the video, the important thing is to just get on the bike…..and have fun….go get some ice cream.

My kids will put themselves through a lot with the carrot of a big bowl of ice cream looming ahead of them.

That’s the way to get them travelling through the Dakotas…..tell them, “Kids! In 250 miles, Daddy is going to stop and get you a really nice ice cream cone!!”

Who wouldn’t pedal for hours inspired by the┬ápromise of a nice ice cream cone?

Wellllllllll…..We’ll see, won’t we? Do they make panniers for really little children’s bikes?

They better not hold me up…..I’d hate to have to stop every ten miles to wait for those little squirts.

But…..that’s how you grow up….

You’ve got to push yourself….even if you’re only 2 years old.

You’ve got to hit the ground running….even if you’re still toddling.

Here’s the link for the Adventure Cycling Association.

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