I couldn’t find something I wanted to listen to on Spotify this morning….so I went to what I thought would be the next best thing,….and it was gone.


That’s a small tragedy in the sheme of tragedies….but it will be missed.

It’s not even really a tragedy.

That was a great site.

It seems that they didn’t get permission to post all that music.


Uh oh.

Anyway….if you go to the site, there’s a letter explaining what happened and why the record companies don’t like sites that let people listen to music without their permission.

That’s the way it’s always been….they don’t like giving away free music…..unless they can figure out a way to monetize “free”.

That’s why they call it a business.

I guess that there’s so many places to get free music now that I forget that.

It takes a well established site being de-constructed by the industry to remind me that they still all want to be paid.

Who can blame them?

It’s a good thing to “get paid”.

You can’t always make music just because you’re an artist and you can’t help but pursue a muse.

The artist always was the last to be paid, anyway.

No matter what I used to see on MTV Cribs…the artist usually got screwed over.

That was never right….even in the days before Walkmen….that wasn’t right.

It’s worse now.

Sometimes you just need the MONEY!!!

So….does anybody know where I can listen to the new James Taylor album for free now?

(The Grooveshark thing happened at the end of April….so I’m coming late to the game.)



“might as well smile” Beth Hart

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