Here’s a short documentary about Anton Krupicka, the ultrarunner.

What was interesting about this one is that, while it did focus on his running… some, it was mainly about his day to day life….and his efforts to recover from injury.

It’s interesting to see these obsessed characters dialing it back a little as they mature and are injured by their overtraining.

It’s interesting to see that they’re human after all….

He mentions how nuts some of his early training logs look now to him….how they look kind of extreme.

It was interesting to me to see his bookshelves.

I always like to see what people are reading.

To perform at this level, I think that you really do have to maintain kind of a monastic existence.

And what was his primary concern in his life?

Just being out in the mountains….and being healthy.

Sounds like a good plan.

This guy is a legend in ultrarunning circles.

It was interesting to see him when he wasn’t running.

Here’s a good video of his running life….

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