the road

If you’re a “never tethered dog” who sits by his stake… after day…..out of “habit”, it sure does take the sting out of your choice of immobility if you remember that you could take off and go at any moment.

We just got back from a big road trip a couple of weeks ago, and it’s good to know that “it’s possible”.

It’s possible….even with little kids.

It’s harder with kids….it’s hard to cover the miles of ground that we covered with children…..(you mostly have to do the “big jogs” at night when everybody is sleeping)….but….it’s possible.

It’s kind of scary in an old minivan, too….but maybe it’s only blind faith that gets you through….blind faith and a Midas shop in Harrisburg, PA that will do a brake job in the rain and let you use the parts you were going to put on in the motel parking lot.

Every road trip that we take makes me more sure that another one is possible.

Maybe that’s what road trips are for?

Maybe they aren’t completely about “getting there”?

Maybe they’re about the changes that they make inside of us?

Maybe it’s about knowing how much you can do….and how far you can go?

And, if you get a chance to do enough road trips, you remember what you’ve learned….that good things happen more often than bad things, that the world is a big place, that you can experience things that stick with you in a good way.

You learn that good memories crowd out bad memories….every single time.

You learn that “running to” something feels a whole lot different than “running from” something….even if you’re going in the same direction.

You learn that a well-timed juice box and a handful of cheese crackers can soothe and make the trip a little nicer for a couple of miles.

I love road trips.

Love them.

I also love being “home”, though.

I love being home a lot more when I know that we can get away for a while….and see some of what’s “out there”.

“Out there” is pretty cool.

I’m glad that it’s “out there”.

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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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