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We took a short trip down to Travelers Rest the other day….got a cup of coffee and sat on the swings down by the Swamp Rabbit Trail….watched the runners and cyclists go by….watched the people walking their dogs.

What a pleasant thing to do.

Travelers Rest has changed quite a bit since we first started going down there.

It’s gotten kind of hip.

In fact, it’s gotten kind of hip since we last took real notice of the area around the trail.

It’s gotten kind of hip in the last couple of months.

It’s like some kind of hip mushroom or something….just kind of sprang up.

Travelers Rest (and Greenville beyond it) were never terribly hip places….but it’s amazing how much they’ve changed in the last few years.

I think that one of the reasons they’ve changed….particularly in the case of the Travelers Rest area …is this trail.

Jenny and I were talking about it on the way home…talking about what it would mean to connect the trail to Hendersonville….or….and we didn’t talk about this, but….maybe even to Asheville.

That would be a heck of a ride back up the mountain to get home from Greenville.

Easy to get down….hard to get up.

It would be pretty amazing to have a potentially safer way to get up and down the mountain on a bike.

Traffic can get kind of weird on these mountain roads.

We have a proposed trail system in our area called the Ecusta Trail.

You can find out more about it here: .

This proposed trail goes from Hendersonville to Brevard.

Furman’s case study video of the Swamp Rabbit trail does a pretty good job of explaining some of its impact on the community…but until you’ve been down there on a cool Fall day, you can’t really understand how much that trail changed the towns around it.

I don’t know if this Ecusta Trail will ever come to be….I hope it does….but, seeing how much it changed Travelers Rest for the better (or, maybe, more “vibrant”), I can imagine what it would do for Hendersonville and all the towns in-between Hendersonville and Brevard.

Maybe it would be a pain to live around all those cyclists and runners.

I never get much chance to talk to all the old-timer, long term residents about the trail….maybe they hate it.

Maybe they don’t like all the lycra clad folks riding around on their expensive bikes in their neighborhoods.

I like it, though…even though I don’t live around it.

I like to see people out and being active….it’s a good thing.

Man….I hope they build that Ecusta Trail.

It would be fun to ride over into Brevard.



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