bike lane

I read about Casey Neistat in Runner’s World last month.

I’d heard about these bike lane videos “way back when”…but until the article “jogged my memory”, I didn’t remember anything about Casey Neistat.

What a funny, creative dude!

There is so much useless content on the internet, and, maybe, this is more of it…but I don’t really think so.

I think that this kind of thing is what the internet was designed for.

Well….probably not, really…but it’s pretty interesting….

Good, good stuff….and Casey has a lot of creative and physical energy….so ….there’s plenty of it.

It’s fun to discover new things.

This is why the “selfie stick” exists.

I finally figured out that self-absorption could be a lot of fun….and interesting, too.

Thanks for that, Casey.

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