Found this when I was looking up videos for another blog post.


That’s funny that he mentioned Casey Neistat.

He has good taste in “creative people”….and I appreciated his explanation of the “HE’S NOT ONE OF US” response that he might get from his “religious” acquaintances.

I think that Wranglerstar is probably a pretty good dude.

And…I know (from his videos, at least) that he seems to be pretty earnestly and consistently sincere.



That’s something good to shoot for…consistently and earnestly and energetically sincere.

Watch any of the YouTube videos that Wranglerstar has done and you’ll see what I mean.

They’re all safe to watch, too….nothing that you’d be embarassed about if your child wandered into the room while you were watching them….no violence or bad language or anything like that.

And, something that I’ve noticed about these Casey Neistat videos, too….is that, if he’s swearing, he bleeps it out…so I guess he’s a pretty safe bet, too.

(Watching this Casey Neistat video, I realized that he drops the occasionally un-bleeped F-bomb…towards the end of this video…but that’s a rare thing. Most of the time, he bleeps them all out….)

And, like Cody/Wranglerstar explains in his video….even though their lifestyles are so different, he really appreciates what Casey Neistat does with his videos.

Open-minded and sincere…..good, good, good.



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