the carrot


I’ve heard that to get the mule to work, they’d dangle a carrot off a stick and put it out in front of him so that he could see it while he pulled in his harness.

I’m off on Friday.

That’s my carrot.

It’s our anniversary…so we’re going away for the night….take a tour of the Sierra Nevada Brewery…have a sleepover at the Hampton behind the McDonalds.

“Behind the McDonalds”? That sounds romantic, doesn’t it?

But that’s the location. It’s true.

The very nicest hotel that has a shuttle to the brewery is the Hampton ….behind the McDonalds.

You know, though, we could (almost) be sleeping on the floor of the McDonalds and it could be romantic.

A couple of McRibbs, a flower, and a nice candle….and bingo….instant romance.

(I’m being silly with the McRibb comment….we hate McRibbs….and McDonalds, too, now that I think about it. It could be something like an Egg McMuffin….but not a McRibb….even if it’s special that they brought them back for a while….)


I could be anywhere with Jenny.

I could be anywhere….but the hotel behind the McDonalds will be nicer than ….the McDonalds.

It’s crazy at work….and taking a Friday off is something that (they remind me in subtle ways) will make it hard for them.

None of them read this….so I’ll say it once….and only once:


(This will be the first one they read. That figures.)

Hanging out with Jenny…without any craziness or tantrums….is going to be so great.

(“Craziness or tantrums” refers to the little kids….)

What a tremendous carrot!! Hanging out with Jenny in a luxury high rise….behind the McDonalds!!

I can hardly wait to get out of my harness….and into something more comfortable.


“celebrate me home (cover)” Mitchel Forman/ featuring Lizzy Loeb


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