please amputate my size 16 foot

YouTube is pretty strange.

Some mornings when I don’t feel terribly inspired, I’ll get on YouTube and pick out a video to feature and write a quick blog post about.

This morning it was a toss-up between this video and one that was captioned “Please Amputate My Size 16 Foot”.

This was the one that won the competition.

Check out this house in a cave!

Pretty cool.

You can make just about anything livable….and nice…if you’re willing to work hard at it.

Awwwww….what the heck?! I CAN’T RESIST!!!

Here’s the “runner-up”…..


That’s rough.

I should have skipped that one before breakfast.

(I couldn’t do it….it was too rough. I switched out the video for a flower picture. That poor guy. Search YouTube if you want to see it….)

Here’s the video that came on after the “foot one”.

In the foot video, you had a sweet guy with a disfiguring condition….who was seeking help after a lifetime of pain.

It was hard to watch.

The disfigurement was pretty jarring and….pretty obvious.

It was an external disfiguration.

There’s something kind of disturbing about this one, too.

People are strange.


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