…in a good hotel


I slept last night in a good hotel
I went shopping today for jewels

Joni Mitchell …..from the song “for free”

I woke up in Nate’s bed….my pillow some kind of stuffed animal….tired still….and just a little disoriented.

That’s what happens when a child comes into a room where the bed is already crowded with two adults and a two-year old…wanting to join us….and you slowly jump up and out so that you can go back to his room with him….and maybe avoid waking everyone else up.

Sometimes parenting is just a slow motion panic, anyway. You cope.

So….the two of us got back to sleep in the bottom bunk….a little twin mattress….a shared blanket….trying to be quiet and stay quiet for as long as possible.

I’d been up for a couple of minutes this morning and I thought of this Joni Mitchell song….thought about her waking up in a good hotel.

What’s that like?

What’s it like to be an adult….only doing adult things….waking up gently….not chasing anyone or trying to figure out how to keep them occupied and safe?

I guess that I really wouldn’t want to know.

This is my good reality.

I think that the trade off would be a bad one….sleeping comfortably but not having these little guys around would be a bad trade(and the big guys, too….but the big ones take care of themselves) .

Musical beds is a weird exercise, though.

I suspect that someday soon I’ll sleep in my own bed… all night long….and dream of when we were running to catch these little ones.

Nostalgia is going to catch up to me faster than I know.

When I’ve had enough rest to concentrate on anything…..I’m going to be remembering these times….and think about it all for the rest of my life.


:”for free” Joni Mitchell

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