all the aggressive posturing in the world won’t…..

We watched the Super Bowl last night.

That’s my one football game for the year.

Maybe, I should say that I watched the commercials and the half-time show….and also watched almost everything (except for the second half, when I fell asleep) around them.

I was thinking about the half-time show a little, and I looked over and our daughter had fallen asleep on Jenny’s┬álap.

Every father should think that his child is beautiful….but Sparrow really is.

Really beautiful.


Now….my comment about “aggressive posturing” isn’t really accurate.

It’s not like a two-year-old doesn’t do some aggressive posturing…..they let it rip.

They are pretty aggressive about a lot of things.

They are two-year-olds, after all.

But… isn’t self-aware aggressive posturing.

I guess that I was thinking about some of the half-time performance.

It was surely a bunch of high energy….frenetic….dancing.

I guess that you couldn’t help but be self-aware if you were dancing in front of millions…..right?

There’s no room for demure pirouettes when you’re banging it out on the field.

The thing that I was thinking about all of this is that what I imagine is meant to be kind of alluring or something doesn’t really turn out to be all that interesting.

It’s kind of frenetic….and kind of boring.


Maybe boring isn’t the right word.

Predictable? Maybe “frenetic” is what we expect now.

It takes a lot to surprise us.

(I guess that you have to remember, too, how dangerous it is for these performers….swinging their heads around a little bit harder each performance…..jumping a little bit higher….a person could get hurt trying to top themselves….)

I like seeing a baby asleep….peaceful.

That’s beautiful.

(On really so many levels….I like it when these babies go to sleep so Jenny and I can carve out 15 minutes of peaceful moment…..)

The world is a busy place…..acceleration is imminent….we rush to flash and noise….we rush to the grand spectacle….

We rush….

But….peaceful is precious.

We’ll miss peaceful when it’s hard to find.

Maybe the SUPER Bowl isn’t the place for peaceful?

Maybe you need a bunch of back-up dancers and flash bombs to get your point across on the biggest sports day of the year.




Check this YouTube video out…..!!!




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