warm in every room


When our first daughter (first daughter!! That sounds so powerful!!) was in kindergarten, she came home after one of the first chilly days of Fall and excitedly told us that “IT WAS WARM IN EVERY ROOM!!”

Warm in every room…..

We heated only with wood for many years….and, until we got a propane wall heater with a thermostat, it was often pretty cold in the house when we got up.

Usually, we’d have it comfortable by the time we went to bed in the evening.

By the time the day was over and we were ready to burrow under a quilt, the house was comfortable.

Then it would cool off overnight and we’d start the whole thing over the next day.

When you’re working hard to keep the house warm, you really appreciate comfort.

It was funny that it made such an impact on Zoe to be in a place where every room was warm, though.

Where we live is really pretty mild.

It’s easy to live in the Carolinas.

But….easy is really kind of relative.

When it gets down into the 20’s, it’s cold.

Whether you live in Alaska or in the Carolinas…..it’s cold when it’s cold outside.

“20’s” would be a warm spell for Alaska, probably.

It might snow here today….they called off school, so somebody thinks that something might happen.

That’s relative, too, I guess.

A little snow or a lot of snow….if things get slippery, it gets weird.

I need to put another log on the fire….get it as close to “warm in every room” as I can…..



How’s this? Perfect song for a cold day…..


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