“grapes” Andrew and Polly


I listen to a show on the satellite radio with Nate while we ride to school called “Absolutely Mindy”…..on a Sirius channel called “Kids Place Live”.

It’s a pretty great show….and it’s a nice habit to listen to it with him in the morning.

Sometimes, after I drop him off, I forget to change the station to more adult fare.

It’s entertaining.

Lately, because I transferred the radio over to Jenny’s minivan, we’ve been listening to commercial radio….classic rock, mostly.

It’s not the same.

It’s fun for Jenny to get to listen to it with the kids, though.

It’s a good pacifier.

One of the songs that I love is “Grapes” by a duo called Andrew and Polly.

Here’s a picture of Andrew and Polly…..

andrew and polly

They look like a fun pair….

Jenny thought the song was kind of suggestive.

I thought so too.

They really want to eat some grapes…..and they don’t mask that enthusiasm very well.

They’re pretty up front about liking grapes.

There are so many great and creative kid’s songs on that “Kids Place Live” channel !!

“Grapes” is just one of them.


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