whole lot of shaking going on

Bless YouTube.

It’s interesting watching someone else do the work.

I changed the oil in the Jeep yesterday….and got underneath to look at the driveline that had been making some weird/different noises….and noticed that I could move the transfer case…..and probably the transmission…. from side to side more than I probably should be able to.

I guess that the mount must be bad.

Like the one in the video, I’ll bet the rubber part of the mount is torn or has failed in some way.

That’s not good.

So….I’ll be crawling under the Jeep again soon…replacing the mount.

They had it all apart when they replaced the transmission, so it should be fairly easy to get everything apart….unless the professional mechanic cross-threaded something.

We’ll hope that isn’t the case.

It’s a pretty cool thing that you can watch all these instructional videos like this.

It helps a lot.

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