cup of fear

coffee stupid

One of the podcasts I listened to the other day had an interview with a fitness expert and nutritionist who called the morning cup of coffee a “cup of fear”.


Cup of fear!!

Gets my mojo working.

I’m up….early again….and watching the new Point Break movie on Kodi….and I figured that I better write a quick blog post before everybody else got up.

Things change when the little guys get up….you can’t watch a movie when the little guys are up.

You can’t really write a blog post, either.

I took some time off….so this is the beginning of what I hope will be a 4 day weekend.

I can’t take enough time off from my job….but who can say that they can take enough time off from their job?

I don’t know anybody who can say that.

That’s the thing about jobs….you look at it (a lot of the time) as a job.


It’s not a calling….most times.

It’s not an obsession.

It’s something you do until you get a chance to ….not do it.

What would it be like to do something I was obsessed with?

Who knows.

Cup of fear….that’s a start….maybe the rest will become apparent as I get jacked up on another “cup of fear”?

I’m glad coffee is still legal.

It doesn’t help me figure things out, though.

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