At some point, the torch is passed….and the carried becomes the carrier.

That’s kind of funny how that happens.

Jenny and I were talking about time alone….as a couple….two adults….together.

Where did that time go?

Funny how that goes, too.

This thing about the carried becoming the carrier doesn’t really only apply to little children, though, I guess.

A parent cares for you….and then, hopefully, you can return the favor when they need “carrying”.

My parents were both gone before they needed that kind of help from me….maybe I couldn’t have helped them much….but they were both gone before that happened….so it really doesn’t apply to me….but you know what I mean.

It’s like those lions sang in that old movie….it’s the circle of life.

(Here’s where I stop for a moment of really quiet reflection and realize that no amount of coffee is going to make a bunch of rambling cohere. I ramble…I reminisce….)

It’s supposed to rain this week….that’s good.

It’s pretty dry here….and I have a burn pile to take care of.

Thinking about this “carrying” thing, I realize that if I’m doing my job right, there is a blissful ignorance on the part of the “carry-ee” of what it means for the carrier to be doing their job.

It was like that for me.

I didn’t understand what it meant at the time when my parents were carrying me.

Hopefully, my children have some ease about that, too.

It’s expected.

That doesn’t mean that “blissful ignorance” keeps you from moving towards maturity and accepting responsibility for yourself.

That’s important.

But that “blissful ignorance” is a state of grace that I hope I come close to providing.

Oh, well….we carry if we’re worth a darn.

You pick it up and move forward. What other option do you have?

Our oldest is done with another year of college in a couple of weeks….and we’re going up to help her move some of her stuff home for the summer today.


Well…..I’m tired of writing…so, in conclusion, to wrap it all up….pull it all together….WE CARRY!!

Sometimes, I don’t know how we do it….but, HOORAY FOR US!!!

Hooray for us.


“carry on” CSNY

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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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