the clarity of focused intention

These Billy Yang films are excellent.

Most/all of them are about running.

Watching these films, I realize that maybe, for me at least, some of the appeal of all this is that there seems to be such a strong focused intention that….again, maybe….

What was I saying?

Oh….focus….something about focus.

Something about…..

I guess that it’s breaking it all down to the most simple application of effort to serve a goal.

I’m not very good about doing that, sometimes.

I’m all over the map….trying to cover too many bases….not covering any, sometimes.

But….to have your running shoes laid out the night before….step out of the doorway in the darkness of morning….waiting for the day to wake up and start while you cover a little distance….that’s a good feeling.

I like to watch these people prepare to do this thing they do.

That’s the thing about running that’s so appealing….it’s simple.

That’s kind of strange, too, ┬áthat one of the appealing things for me is to watch people get ready to do the action packed stuff.

You can’t spend your life preparing.

Sometimes you just have to step off and see what happens next.

And sometimes you just need a little focus.

It’s not a bad thing to concentrate on one thing at a time….sometimes.

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